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July 2022

The most lucrative financial opportunity — IN OUR LIFETIME — is right in front of us.  It’s baby boomer retirement.  Seeing this massive opportunity today and joining our growing partnership can add $100,000 a year to your retirement.  AND MORE.  Forty years of 401(k)s have simply FAILED to create retirement security for most Americans.  And now, bringing forward a solution creates AN OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME.

IN RETIREMENT PARTNERS LLC, we say the solution is simple.  Continuing MONTHLY income throughout your retirement.  And even better, a growing income for the rest of your life.  In RP, we create this income from the MULTI-TRILLION-DOLLAR WORLD of consumer spending.

Consumer products, consumer spending and consumption create HUGE revenue streams.  Therefore, if LIFETIME INCOME is the new objective, how would companies embrace a group of 100,000 consumers, 500,000 consumers or a million consumers who were willing to:

1. PARTNER with them,

2. BUY their product every month,

3. And help ADVERTISE their brand.

Would these activities be VALUABLE to almost every company out there? OF COURSE. Managed correctly, this consumer group can be monetized into lifetime retirement income.  And because we’re talking about a timeline of 20-30 years — RP can add a million dollars to your retirement bottom line.

It all revolves around building a nationwide consumer group — with a partnering mindset.

Hence, Retirement Partners.

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